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Hi guys, here is a little summary useful for those who missed the story :
Atari Corp. was founded by Nolan BUSHNELL in 1975. At the begining the company installed the first arcade game machines in bars like the well known Pong. After there was a Pong home version plugable on TV. And after others consoles like VCS 2600, VCS 5200, etc.. and some 8 bits computers like Atari XL and XE. This was the Warner great period. During the year 1985, the Atari company acquired by Sam TRAMIEL released the Atari ST, the cheaper computer 16/32 bits in regard of its lot of powerful capabilities. The slogan was "power without price". Indeed the Atari ST was structured around a Motorola 68000 (68k) CPU at 8 MHz with 512 or 1024 KB of RAM. In the year 1992 Atari starts again "power without price" principle with the great Atari Falcon 030. A very powerful computer for the year 1992 which owns a Motorola 68030 CPU at 16 MHz linked to a DSP 56k at 32 MHz. Moreover Falcon has a numerical/analogical sound circuit (codec) allowing to play Stereo 50 KHz 16 Bits sounds (better than CD Audio). Falcon can also display easily 65535 different colors (in True Color mode), note that this was not common for computers to display more than 256 colors in those years. But a this time, a stupid fashion was spreading around the world. People lost their sense of logic and bought less powerful and more expensive computers (PC). Then Atari (as others companies like Commodore or Next) had to close. Nowadays Atari is just like a ghost, a trademark used by Infogrames to released games. But tomorrow in a new chapter that we have to write together, the Atari company should rebirth as a phoenix...

Moreover we can consider a new retrogaming fashion is begining, and gamers through the world want to play again with their old hits. Retro-gaming is more than you think, because of nowadays new games are very beautiful but not often very funny, old games are simple but always very exciting. So we would give to Atari gamers our retro gaming contribution by giving our Atari games for free !